Strange alarm.

Sometimes when I browse websites or watch a movie this popup appears on desktop. It is shown totally random. What exactly does it mean?

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Hi fOrTy_7 :slight_smile: Have you disabled the services for these processes?

Based on those being turned off, that should still only show once after a new install of the FW.


True, I’ve only ever seen it once…,8734.msg63659.html#msg63659

Hi all ;).
No, I haven’t. Fast user switching is enabled and Terminal Service is set to Manual in Services.msc. I wonder why CFP want to communicate with these services and is it bad that it cannot do that?

Strange! Exactly how often do you get this pop-up?

Generally, it doesn’t show so often. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and sometimes none for a week :).

I confess I am at a loss. I’ve only ever seen this once, that was post installation. Maybe my colleagues have an idea?

I don’t think it’s “bad” that it can’t communicate, etc. It’s just letting the user know. AFAIK, I’ve not experienced any problems from having those disabled. The FW told me once after install, and that was that.

For this scenario, I’d suggest filing a ticket with Support:, and then keep us posted on their response…