story: Baseline Magazine interviews Comodo customer Mid-South Steel

Comodo customer Mid-South Steel was recently interviewed about the trust they put into Comodo technology to keep their endpoints secure. From the interview with Mid-South Steel IT Director Sonny Underwood when asked about ESM:

The ESM dashboard gives a comprehensive view and protection management across all endpoints. It displays 14 critical metrics for each of the 25 Mid-South machines, and it points out any alerts or requirements for remediation, while the data remains secured on the network.Another big plus for Underwood is a desktop feature that allows him to connect his computer to Comodo and demonstrate particular tasks with his keystrokes and mouse movements appearing on the screen. Having used the system for nearly two years, he reports that it “has not allowed a single malware attack in all that time.” Underwood sums up his satisfaction with the system in one sentence: “The product is doing what it’s designed to do, and it does it very well.”

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great to hear that we helped enterprises stay safe.