Stopping Windowsupdate

The last Windows update slowed down my PC considerably or stalled program calls, smooth work. Even when I deactivated the automatic update in the Windows control panel, it wanted to install itself again. With the help of comodo (HIPS, Firewall) I could really prevent this update from trying to install itself again and again.

Windows Update has an option to delay updates for up to 35 days (under Advanced Options). This should stop updates long enough for you to check if the next month’s update fixes the problem.

Another way to stop updates is to change your Wi-Fi Metered Connection setting to On and configure Windows Update not to download over a metered connection.

Yes, I did so but nevertheless Windows didn’t know that. Don’t ask me why.

I just searched in internet and found:

“We found that it can function or not. We have already got positive and negative feedback, as well, on this. According to the motto, either it works, or it does not work.”

The latter one is true for me.

Edit 1: In Windows 10 Pro you can delay it for a year. Not easy to be found for average users

Edit 2: I configured it in the registry