Stop upload traffic on P2P client how ?

Lo everyone,

I would like to stop any upload or outgoing traffic of my P2P client Bitcomet.

I know it isn’t nice to the others but i recently had a “reminder” and so i have a few reasons why i would like to stop the upload all together.

I tried creating an application rule where i say it should allow tcp/udp traffic IN from any source to any destination but from any port to the specified port i use for bitcomet.

The second rule said : Block tcp/udp OUT from any source to any destination from any port. (for the application Bitcomet)

Two things happen : It effectively kills my upload and it still detects peers and seeds but it doesnt download at all anymore (not even extremely slow)

Does anyone know a good way to do this in Comodo or should i use another program to block the outgoing traffic ?

Thanks !