Stop rebooting System when Sandboxed Browsers freeze

Hi friends;

I have CIS 7.0.317799.4142 and Avast running in my computer. In the first versions of Cis 6.x Sandboxed browsers (Firefox and Dragon) used to run properly.
I can`t remember exactly when the freezings began but they have been happening for one and a half year or so. The freezings happen sometimes when i’m browsing for seconds, other times in 10 minutes. If flashplayer is running the freezing is for sure. Reboot Sandbox doesn’t run, neither to close the process. The consumption of cpu increases up to very high levels and It seems the only way to stop the browsers is to reboot the system.
A couple of days ago, I made a Clean Install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, but freezings continue to occur. But, in my case, Killswitch helps me to stop rebooting the system.
I look for the process/es in the window and Right click > Restart. Only the Virtualized browser processes (for instance, Firefox.exe) , not cmdvirth.exe, svchost.exe or other processess; neither FlashplayerPlugin.exe.
It restarts the browser out of the Sandbox and let me regain control. After this, i reboot the sandbox and this stop all virtuallized processes.

That’s all. I expect this helps you.
Sorry for my english.


I’ve been having the same freezing problem on random occasions since the last Comodo update. Any Fully Virtualized program can just freeze and I too use Killswitch to restart the program.