Stop putting things in my trusted vendors list...

I already moved a bunch of vendors I’ve never used and definitely do not trust that were added there for me with the 3.8 release.

Now with the latest update, they are back, and there are even more…


Is it not My Trusted Software Vendors list?? Then I should be the only person deciding what goes there!

No, I do not trust Apple, Google, Skype,… I really could care less if anyone else trusts them, I do not!

To use an analogy that I’ve posted elsewhere on the forum… If you trust a neighbor enough to give them your house key, should I then give them mine as well just because you trust them? I don’t even know them, how could I possibly trust them?

I’m seriously starting to wonder if Comodo should come off my trusted vendor list… Seriously, the security of my computer is for me to decide, not security by community!

I really do not feel comfortable giving a blanket trusted rating to any vendor! Yes, I may like and trust an application or two from any given vendor, but does that mean I trust the vendors entire product line?? Does anyone actually feel comfortable making such a statement??

Please Comodo, User means User, not community! Please stop putting words in my mouth, and give me the option to deny community additions to MY trusted vendors list!

How about an option like this on CIS installation:

Do you want to populate the Trusted Vendors list with companies recognised as legitimate by Comodo?

Thats gives the user the option :wink:

That would help yes, but there should also be an option for those that have already installed.

Good plan.

+1 from me :wink:

Easy solved… Image attached =) just remove “Trust the applications digitally signed by trusted software vendors”
Thats how I roll =) And set the firewall to custom policy…

:■■■■ :■■■■

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:-TUmonkey boy

I am aware of that feature Monkey_Boy, but it makes sense to have certain manufacturers such as Microsoft on the list…

Not that I trust them much either, but as I’m using their OS, I don’t really have a choice but to trust them. :stuck_out_tongue:

See this post for more comments on this issue.

I think a simple way to address this issue is to add a “trusted vendor” option to the configuration wizard during program install. In other words, one step in the installation process would include a list of the default “trusted vendors” that have been defined by Comodo. The user would select which of the default vendors he/she wants to install.

If Comodo attempts to add more default trusted vendors during an update, then a similar selection process can be used. In the CIS update settings, the following options could be offered for updating the trusted vendor’s list.

  1. Automatically add all of Comodo’s default trusted vendor’s during CIS update.
  2. Do not add any of Comodo’s default trusted vendor’s during CIS update.
  3. Allow me to select which default trusted vendor’s are added during CIS update.

Yes, that would work nicely. :slight_smile:

Comodo has performed something of a balancing act regarding the Trusted Vendors List.The primary purpose is to reduce the large number of popups for safe applications,which was the major complaint with the earlier versions of CFP and CIS.Since it’s easy enough to turn off automatic safelisting IMO Comodo has managed to keep the majority happy.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but all this does is allow Comodo to recognize the vendor and preset settings accordingly to minimize user intervention for common apps. Seems more like a pet-peeve to me.

I’m well aware of what it does…

Yes, I guess you could call it a pet peeve.