Stop offering CPM if you aren't going to respond

Been a Comodo user since 2006, and I’m pretty disappointed that CPM loses its “monitored” status on all my programs under win7x64. This was a clean, brand new, fully updated virgin install, and boom, “not monitored” on all my programs. To add insult to injury, I come here for help and discover CPM is in the dead section. I guess I won’t bother to pursue a solution, instead I’ll look for an alternative.

Home-fries: Answering for the lolz. I’m sure you have moved on to something else. JFTR, CPM has elements that have to be looked after. If you use “optimizer” software, it can turn off the service or maybe even delete the database. I’ve used CPM for about 5 years, and I know the heartbreak, but I haven’t had it happen in a long time now. I suspect cleaning the registry could be a problem in some cases too.