Stop flash ads (Feature request)

Some first-party ads on sites are annoying/moving/blinking (mostly flash based) ads.

Is it possible to stop those from moving/blinking?
Or even recognize such ads via PrivDog?

if you mean like adblock-plus feature ?
it sounds good +1

Can you clarify, please?

when I use ABPlus, there was a block button on some videos and flash ads. I understood like he meant this feature ???

yigido probably meant disabling the ad with rightclick on the ad or choosing a visible “Block” button placed on several elements on a internet site.
This might take time to implement or might not be even used because of the philosophy of Privdog.

I wanted at least a STOP/PAUSE button for video ads (as mentioned, mostly flash ads).

Hi Mad,
I can see your point here, but I do not see PD being able to block site owner ads.
The above is just my personal view.

Just as a suggestive workaround, you could set the ‘Plugins’ to ‘Click To Play’ within the browser if available.
This way you only allow the desired flash content.
This can be obtained through the settings of some browsers such as Dragon, while others require an extension.

Kind regards.