Still No Synaptics in Whitelist

ok. im having a tough time at this point to find too much fault with the latest version. however, for 2 yrs or so, synaptics pointing devices dont get trusted on install…it may take 2 or 3 reboots before cis actually sees it…then its is STILL a major pain to try to allow it…what gives?

as an aside, comodo keeps trying to add the bogus network…this one is new to me…

please add synaptics pointing devices to your whitelist…i hae submitted it for review 1000 times by now…i have also reported it on this forum countless times too…thanks guys

Did you add it in Submit Applications you want to be made trusted here?

several times… over 2 yrs

That’s sour indeed because it is an annoying problem. I have only come across it once when I installed CIS on somebody else’s computer.

As a workaround you can, each time you do a clean install, save the vendors.nme and copy it to the new installation. After installing don’t reboot but copy the vendors.nme to the installation folder.

sounds like a good time…i flush and fill peoples machines out of warranty a lot so they can upgrade to vista, now mostly win7…there are tons of perfectly good machines out there that just need upgrading…i really dont do upgrades. i usually talk them into a clean machine…so, ideally, especially since synaptics has been around forever, it would be trusted…

Simply copy/paste your vendor.nme to those freshly installed machines. Should work like a charm. :-TU

i know…just shouldnt have to by now

When I make my overhaul concept for the trusted vendor’s window. I’m so going to make sure at least one of the images shows one and only one vendor on the list: Synaptics. Not even Comodo CA Limited. Just, Synaptics. To rub it in Comodo’s face. >:-D

i think your my new best friend!

The concept of the sandbox is good the problem is like this. 2 years to get a simple program trusted. Can I trust in people that are behind of the whitelist? well for what I can see, NO!.

especially when the h/w and drivers in question are at the forefront of a freshly fixed machine. or the first ones a firewall should find after its installation.