Still NO Signature detection with CIS

4 Days later … !!! :a0

Hi dear customer,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and very interesting cases:
5aff1256fa475b6e24e0658b50b4e5dd571404a8 - should be detected as PUA
“Detect potentially unwanted applications” need to be enabled

bfa372c778d40be998f4ec2cfc77c3fc9d46a34d - verdict has been given as PUA
but CIS returned result Safe as"Cloud Lookup scan result" (what will be changed very soon)

Please check on your side and inform for any more problems

Hi Patriot ,

I don`t know what’s wrong , but unfortunately I have still NO signature detection for both files with CIS ! The Option “Detect potentially unwanted applications” is already activated and “Scan exclusions” were also checked , but i have no appropriate entries .

Best Regards !!!

Hi Pio,

  1. Can you (disable all cloud scanners, but enable “Detect potentially unwanted applications”) and perform scan again?
  2. Perform please scan with disabled internet connection and provide scan result

Thanks a lot for your feedback

Hi Patriot ,

Sorry but I couldn´t react sooner .

I just want to inform , both files are now successfully recognized by CIS!

Thanks !!!

Best Regards!