Still No Closer

Well, finally got around to installing the latest release of CSE but is still unusable :frowning:

Seemed to work somewhat with just a hotmail account setup in Thunderbird. But when i added my other 4 accounts which all use imap, CSE would popup saying a connection problem and do i want to connect anyway. Problem is thunderbird has already thrown an error behind the cse box and when clicking, thunderbird crashes. Had no choice but to uninstall again as i would like to use imap.


We have released the CSE and a lot of issues with Thunderbird 3 and IMAP protocol were fixed.

You can read more here:

I hope your problems were fixed in this release.

Regards, Eugene

Hi Eugene

Getting better but issues still remain for me. When hotmail messages are automatically checked and CSE pops up, the following error occurs causing Thunderbird to crash. Sometimes it happens on first check, other times after a few automatic email checks.

Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: thunderbird.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4b4b7ae5
Fault Module Name: CEmLSP.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4b7d04fa
Exception Offset: 00053600
Exception Code: c000000d
Exception Data: 00000000
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 4105
Additional Information 1: 1d47
Additional Information 2: 5df69a20d30cea00f35afd778acd677d
Additional Information 3: cbd1
Additional Information 4: 02bb923da07c2963a7d61

Also this error:

There was a problem with server name resolution - Unable to connect to your IMAP server. You may have exceeded the maximum number of connections to this server. If so, use the Advanced IMAP Server Settings dialog to reduce the number of cached connections.

Tested sending emails between my hotmail and aol accounts. Sent from hotmail to aol with just a signed email and when receiving in aol, there was a red cross under the digital signature saying it appeared the email was tampered with  :o

Sent an encrypted email between the same 2 accounts using a single session certificate but could not forward the message. Then signed into aol through the web interface and forwarded it to the comodo web reader but did not receive the link to view the email.

Hi, curlin.

Seems to your OS build you’re using Vista SP2, aren’t you :wink: ?

Could you provide more information so it could help developers to find out and fix the problem:

  • Your OS version ( i.e. Vista x86 Home Premium SP2, to view it press Win+Break key on your keyboard )
  • Your mail client version ( i.e. Thuderbird 3.0.1 )
  • Accounts and their settings you are using in mail client (i.e. IMAP gmail account – 993SSL and 587 TLS . )
  • Steps you’ve done to reproduce the problem with CSE
  • Also try to notice wich e-mails are being receved during crash ( i.e. you’d receved 1 signed and 1 unencrypted e-mail before CSE crashed)
  • You can install Crash Report Helper for Thunderbird mail client and next time it crashes you ought to use it plug-in (it automatically starts analyzing of your crash and reports an issue to Mozilla and then provides you with url to view crash report) to get URL from Mozilla labs wich contains stack trace.Hence you should post it URL in your next message
  • Version of CSE you are using
  • Security software installed on your PC and its version ( i.e. firewalls, HIPS, Anti-virus, Windows Defender etc. )

Best regards,


Wow - that’s alot :smiley:

I’ll do it in a couple of posts alright.

Using the most up to date Thunderbird 3 and fully updated Windows Vista 32. Security apps - Free Prevx, Free Private Firewall and Paid A-squared Antimalware.
Also using the new just released version of CSE.

Also try to notice wich e-mails are being receved during crash ( i.e. you'd receved 1 signed and 1 unencrypted e-mail before CSE crashed)

It doesn’t seem to matter as it crashes just checking mail whether there is mail or not.

The trigger seems to be “Hotmail” because that is the only account that doesn’t offer imap so when checking the pop3 server (usually takes a few checks before it crashes). I’ll add more soon.

edit: it just crashed accessing the inbox of an imap account so does not appear to be only hotmail related.

Also while doing this, i disabled Prevx and completely shutdown A-squared and Private Firewall. Here are some screen shots of what happens.

The third image shows thunderbird telling me that the email was tampered with when sending from my hotmail to aol account.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can't seem to figure out this crash reporter yet.

I noticed looking through the email account settings that “Connection Security” (ssl/tls,starttls) which i had set for all my accounts has been changed in both incoming and outgoing servers to “None”

CSE obviously did this and it this right???

If CSE is installed in LSP mode and you’ve run Client settings wizard, CSE changes your mail client settings.

 Yes but CSE changing the settings to "None" might explain some of the errors i'm getting as before, incoming servers were set to SSL and outgoing to STARTTLS.

  Also - "Fault Module Name:   CEmLSP.dll" is in every error report when thunderbird is about to close after crashing and this belongs to CSE  :o
  Another Update  O0

Hmmmmm - i hope i'm not jumping the gun here because it's only been an hour but the crashing and imap errors appear to of been related to the imap functions of my Safe-mail account -
I have deleted this account from Thunderbird and no more crashing. This account is free so maybe you could sign up for an account and test for yourself.

Still get the error below when Thunderbird opens at startup. Also this error when trying to send through AOL.   
And still the 3rd error when sending a test email between accounts.

Still no crashing ;D

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi, curlin

Thanks you for a telling us which account caused crash .It helped to reproduce your problem with crashing Thunderbird.
In the future, please, post all accounts you’re using in your mail client, because details are important.

Could you give more details, please :

  • Are you sending and receiving your mail in the same mail client ?

And one more question:) :
Does the picture cse2.png from your previous post refer to your [at] account ?


   That's good you were able to reproduce the crashing with Safe-mail  ;)
And one more question:) : Does the picture cse2.png from your previous post refer to your [at] account ?
 Yes, that appears to be associated with Safe-mail as i no longer receive that particular error.
Could you give more details, please :
* Are you sending and receiving your mail in the same mail client ?</blockquote>

Yes however, i just tried sending from hotmail to aol from Windows Live Mail Client and received aol in Thunderbird and got the same result - i don't know if this is Thunderbird or Comodo Secure Email related? I'm leaning toward it being Thunderbird related and would appreciate if you could check on this. It is very important if sending email to other Thunderbird users  :o

You people are making great strides lately with CSE however, i would like you to rethink the Web Reader Service.

The attraction i have for CSE is because of the Web Reader and single use certificates. I'm finding through friends, family and other contacts that very, very, very few take email security seriously and just send email unsigned and unencrypted and are not embracing what i am trying to accomplish. Therefore, i need to make it as easy as possible for the receiving end of my emails. 
The 3 choices i have found that can do this is CSE, Zsentry and Safe-mail. CSE is the best option for me but the other 2 allow the receiver to view my encrypted email in one step and i cringe at the thought of asking them to do it the CSE way - that is - receive my email and then have to forward it to Comodo Web Reader Service and wait for another email to come and then click on that email to finally read the email i sent. Toooooooooooo Much for them, not me but the average user, yes - too much.
Now that you know about Safe-mail, how about looking at their option called "Safebox" - like your web reader service but done in less steps. 

I can't tell you how important this is as most don't want to be bother with taking the extra time to secure email.
Is there another CSE update coming shortly??

I still cannot send email through Thunderbird from my aol or gmail accounts despite creating and adding these accounts to a new group and selecting no encryption or signing. And Thunderbird still says that the comodo certificate is not valid shown in the attachment i posted above. Here is the sending error. Only account that works fine is hotmail (address for certificate).

[attachment deleted by admin]