Still cannot connect trusconnect

I have windows 10 and use CIS. I also have trust connect. When I click to connect it stays at yellow colour. I have attached an error log. I cannot connect to comodo etrust. I got when it was available for free years ago. thanks your assistance

Hi Everyone,

I paid for this service and still have no answer of my request.
I uninstalled and installed Comodo Trust Connect several times without any changes.

Below is a print of my screen.

If someone is reading this forum. :frowning:

I have had problems since December of 2017. Since then trust connect worked for almost two weeks last month, and then stopped working again. I have used the GeekBuddy app multiple times, allowed the GeekBuddy employees to delete, download and upload trustconnect multiple times. Eventually I am told that there is a server issue on their end that needs to be fixed. The last geek buddy guy even helped me send an e-mail with error logs and all to an e-mail address that apparently does not exist. I have paid for a year and received about three months of service. It makes me wonder how truly trustworthy Comodo is if they can’t even get their serevers to work. I have Comodo internet service, PC Tuneup, Chromodo web browser and i have been happy up until December of 2017. Now I am getting this message

“VERIFY ERROR: depth=1, error=certificate has expired: /C=UA/L=Odessa/O=Comodo/OU=CSP/CN=Comodo_CA/”

So I have to wonder. How can Comodo possibly be a Certificate Authority, but not even maintain their own certificates? What are you guys, Microsoft?