Still an issue with apoint.exe

I recently installed cachemanxp and was quite amazed to see how much CPU apoint.exe used. I googled and this old thread came up:

It seems the problem has not been solved.

I concur - problem still exists (Comodo Ver 3.8.65951.477) with a Dell Inspiron 9300 & XP. 50% CPU usage with system idle until Defense+ or keyboard monitoring is disabled. I updated touchpad driver to no avail.

Has anyone actually resolved without disabling Defense+ or keyboard monitoring? ???

Apoint eats some 30-40% CPU when I start firefox.
Apoint CPU usage is still at 10-20% even after disabling keyboard monitor and after reboot.
When I disable the touchpad, or turn down D+, CPU falls to zero.

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300, Win XP home SP3 and latest Windows updates.
I completely reinstalled XP and downloaded Comodo a few days ago (release 3.8.65951.477).

Still an issue with 3.9.95478.509
Disabling keyboard in Defense+ does not help, only disabling Defense+ seems to get rid of this issue for me.

Do the logs of D+ show us something? Can you post a screenshot of the D+ logs?

Here is my D+ log

[attachment deleted by admin]

I see nothing out of the ordinary in the logs. I hope it will gets fixed soon.