Still alerts on trusted zone

I am doing something wrong, but can’t find it:

I have defined a network zone as “An IP address mask” /

I have two global rules to allow incomming and outgoing requests in this zone. The destination and source address is for both rules the specified zone.

I am expecting/hoping/trying to never get an alert on any network activity between the computers/devices in the zone. But still I am receiving alerts for my printserver on address on port http(80).

Are your rules above the basic block rule (with the red icon)?

yes they are

Can you show me your Global Rules?

Define your trusted zonein the Stealth ports Wiazrd and check for the issue

Click on Stealth Ports Wizard in Firewall Tasks > Common Tasks.

Define a New Trusted Network - Stealth my ports to EVERYONE else:
By selecting this option your machine’s ports will be stealthed (invisible) to everyone EXCEPT those networks that you specify as trusted.

To begin the wizard

Click Define a New Trusted Network.
Click the Next button.
A dialog box appears, asking you to choose the new trusted zone:
To manually define and trust a new zone from this dialog box

a). Select I would like to define a new network.
b). Enter the IP range for the zone for which you want your computer to be visible - starting from the Start IP to the End IP (or specify a Subnet Mask)
c). Click Finish to create the new Zone rule.