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As my last post was “moved” by EricJH I still have not received any help or response from the devs, experts or Melih regarding my new laptop not passing the CLT suite and I was wondering whether I will get any response from anyone or if anyone really cares. But I suppose EricJH will move this post as well before I get any answers. As I said in my last “moved” post perhaps Melih should control what gets moved and what doesn’t. I wonder how many other people feel the same way. Sorry if I sound cranky but a little help would be appreciated. BTW I tried the suggestions given by a couple of people but no success.

shadha :THNK

did u read the signature of ERICJH??

I certainly did and I understand he is the global mod but it still doesn’t help me or maybe many others. All I am asking for is some assistance as to why i can get 340/340 on my previous laptop and why I can’t on my new one even though I have exactly the same settings.
shadha :slight_smile:

Hi shadha.

I used to get very poor score with the leak test too.

It wasn’t CIS fault’s. You see my PC was already heavily compromised by the time I installed CIS on it. It was a long time without AV or firewall.

On fresh installation and a new OS(from XP to Vista) I’m getting 340/340 or a perfect score with the leak test.

Of course I turn off the sandbox.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for giving a response. When I got this new HP LT I formatted it and installed windows 7 32 bit then installed CIS. This is when I tried the CLT test and it failed. I used the same setting as my previous LT (which I got a perfect score) and the best I got was 310/340. I just tried it again and with SB enabled got 300/340 and disabled got 310 again. The rest of the set up is as follows
UAC - off
Configuration - proactive
D+ - Sale
FW - safe
AV - Stateful

Any other thoughts from anyone

shadha :slight_smile:

Hmmm…i have noticed that many have this problem especially the ones with windows 7. Some of managed to get 340/340 but the same config is not working on some other systems. My advice(a bit cranky) is to wait for v4.1.
I think the mods or devs are not responding coz the same may not be reproduced on their machine. The reason as many others, i have no idea too…

Guys, you do realise that this is the CIS news, feedback & announcement section. It’s not the proper place to ask for help on something really, it’s mainly for… news, feedback & announcements (obviously). The proper place for CIS is the CIS help sections. Leak Testing has it’s own section (where CLT was released) and that’s where most leaktest questions and problems are asked.

PS Melih’s the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Comodo and we certainly don’t let him move stuff around… anything might happen. ;D The Mods will move your topic/post to what they believe is the appropriate place and where you’re more likely to get a reply (ie. the best exposure for your topic/post). It’s certainly not done to irritate you. Posting Leaktest issues in this section, isn’t the right way to go about this. If you feel you’re being ignored… you’re probably not. It’s more likely nobody knows the answer or those that do haven’t seen your issue yet. Most people that help (including us Mods) do not work for Comodo, we’re just volunteers. :slight_smile:

When you found a bug and can reproduce it it best to post it in the bug board. That’s where the devs are most certainly looking.

Thanks Guys,
You have made me a little happier in that I now feel that I am not being ignored. Even though I am not happy until I get a perfect score, I will wait for 4.1 and see what happens then. Next time I will post in the Bug Report section.

BTW all because Melih is the CEO, you cant have him telling you what to do all the time. You need to tell him what to do occasionally, make him work a little harder. ;D

shadha :comodo110:

No problem. :slight_smile:

No, no. It’s not that at all. :slight_smile: We do not want Melih moving stuff around. We have to clean up after. :slight_smile: :wink:

I see the reason why you move topics/post by your BOLD comment above, but it would be appreciated if when they are moved to add a comment as to why it’s being moved. I think this would alleviate a lot of unnecessary replies and irritation on behalf of the poster and also let the them know that his/her problem or concern is not being ignored but moved to the appropriate place.

You have a point. Thanks, I’ll pass this on to the other Mods. :slight_smile:

Thaks kail, I appreciate the feed back…