Steps to collect performance data during slowdown

Hi All,
If any user experiences any slowdown due to any of comodo security products, following steps are suggested to collect etl file, that can help developer troubleshoot the problem better:

Step - 1: Make sure you have Windows Performance Toolkit installed, which can be downloaded from following page:

in above page, you can see “Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit” link i.e. as shown in snap below:
Screenshot by Lightshot

which downloads a thin installer ~1.6MB setup file adksetup.exe showing various modules upon execution, from shown options, make sure you select only “Windows Performance Toolkit” option as shown in snap below to keep total downloaded size to minimum:

Step - 2: After installation is complete, go to windows command prompt “WindowsKey + R and then enter cmd and press Enter” and then change directory to “Windows Performance Toolkit” folder in system e.g.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Windows Performance Toolkit
make sure you are logged in as Admin.

Step - 3: Paste following in command line and press Enter

xperf -on PROC_THREAD+LOADER+CSWITCH+FILENAME+DISK_IO+DISK_IO_INIT+FILE_IO+FILE_IO_INIT+DRIVERS+PROFILE+HARD_FAULTS -f kernel.etl -stackwalk CSwitch+DiskReadInit+DiskWriteInit+DiskFlushInit+FileCreate+FileCleanup+FileClose+FileRead+FileQueryInformation+FileSetinformation+FileWrite+MapFile+UnMapFile+Profile -BufferSize 4096 -MaxBuffers 4096 -MaxFile 4096 -FileMode Circular

Step - 4: After performance data gathering started using previous command, you can start the operation during which you observed slowness.

Step - 5: After operation is complete or you have witnessed slowness, press any key on command line and it will stop performance data recording and you will see command prompt again.

Step - 6: Type following command:

xperf -d performancedata.etl

file name can be anything of your choice.

Step - 7: Wait for command to complete.

Step - 8: After command is completed you will see performancedata.etl file generated on disk in same folder, you can always choose any other file path.

Please compress file using 7-zip and upload to some shared space e.g. google drive and share link of compressed data via personal message.


I’m experiencing considerable slowdown on my win 8.1 64 bit OS when Secure Shopping is installed. When that feature is uninstalled, boot up is really fast. I don’t think these performance collecting instructions would apply in my case, since the slowdown is happening during the boot up of the system. Any ideas?

Hi gisot,
Please try following to collect performance data on system boot:

  1. Install WPT as mentioned in main post.
  2. Run following as administrator on command prompt:
xbootmgr -trace rebootCycle -noPrepReboot -resultPath C:\windows\temp

  1. Share the newly generated files (*.etl) you can find in “C:\windows\temp” folder


I messaged you the link to the performance file umesh, thanks for your help!

Thank you.

We will check.

I have many issues with new Comodo CIS10.
Reading this thread I wanted to download the Windows Performance Toolkit.
But it is only for Windows 8 and higher.
My problems are on Vista and Windows 7 computers

Issues with slow boot on Win7 when Secure Shopping is installed?

I had different problems.

On my Windows 7 :
On this pc I have changed something so that I can see what Windows does at startup - to check if startup is slow.
I described my problems here:;msg860386#msg860386
After returning to CIS 8 the message about group policy client is gone in a second.

The problem with Outlook where Outlook completely hangs when opening some mails might indeed be linked to Secure Shopping as the mails that caused it were from shopping sites. The problem there was that “contacting server for information” ran endlessly

Note : I also now and then had message “cannot connect to windows notification server”. I never linked this to Comodo but the issue did not return with CIS8

On Vista:
This is a laptop I only use abroad so I did not do much on it yet.
I had 2 issues there described here:;msg860549#msg860549
The update of the virusdatabase was extremely slow when on wifi.
Also after being downloaded installation was also very slow