Stealthing your IP possible?

I just want to know if it is possible to stealth your IP from ■■■■ Hackers. So that they can not track you and your personal information.

That is a good question. I remember back in the 90s the only product that I knew of that would give 100% masking of your IP was the now obsolete BlackIce. I remember using that program as well as Zone Alarm before I was not so ignorant on using 2 separate firewall software’s. You Live and You Learn. :slight_smile:

LOL I also used to think that using 2 firewalls was ok. Yah it would be cool if there was still a firewall program like that that blocks and completely masks IPs.

Some of the corporate IPS/firewalls allow that option. Symantec Endpoint 11 IPS plus firewall which is based on the old Sygate Enterprise firewall has an option to stealth your IP address. When I tried it a while back, surfing the web became almost useless. Many web sites will block you outright with a hidden IP address.

A software option is Anoynomous, It has a free option and a paid version. I tried the free version and it is very limited in function and really slows down your web surfing. It works on most web sites because it gives you a bogus non-existant IP that traces back to their servers.

Other option is a proxy server which is what most hackers use.

What I do is to set my router to do an instant connect. That way a new IP address is assigned. It also protects me when I am not on the Internet since the DSL connection times out and is dropped. Note: that not all DSL providers support this. Also many routers don’t have this option.

Zonealarm Pro used to be able to do that. It used to be able to scan outgoing data and block any text string you wanted it to. Your name, credit card numbers, mac addresses, etc… You could whitelist sites like your bank so they could get that data. I think they called it an “identity safe” or something like that. I assume it still does have that capability, but I haven’t used it for probably 10 years.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a feature like the “safe” thing in ZA in CIS. :-TU

That would be very nice, I’m using the Free Version of Comodo Firewall/Defense+ so it may never be included with that feature, but if Comodo ever released such a feature, I would cancel Webroot security Essentials and get Comodo 100%.

That’s an excellent website.