Stealthing port 113

I am running Windows XP SP2 and 4 computers on cable internet using a cable modem and router.
Router is Corega CG-BARFX2
My Cable ISP changed to a GLobal IP system from today.
On their advice I changed from using a Switching HUB to a NAT router so that
we could use more than one computer on the connection.
After resetting the modem and router everything is fine.
However, I checked with “Gibson Shields UP” and on the all service ports scan it shows Port113 as
being CLOSED rather than STEALTHED.
According to Gibson info this is common.
They say:
(quote: New users of NAT routers, who use this site to check their security, are often disappointed to discover a single closed (blue) port floating in a calm sea of stealth green.)
This is the case with me.
I assume that COMODO is not at fault here as the probably the test is scanning the router rather than my computer which is running COMODO firewall.
My question is how do I stealth this port? Can I use COMODO to do this?
I am new to both COMODO and using a router so sorry if this is a basic question but I would like some advice if possible
Thanks in advance

Sorry…I made a mistake in my previous post
The port 113 is shown as CLOSED (not open) rather than stealthed.

Hey BFG,

I’ve searched for info on your router, but could only find pages in Japanese. All you should need to do is to create a rule in the router that blocks and drops incoming requests on port 113.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply.
I understand the answer but I’m not sure how to do that.
I guess I need to use the software that came with the router.
Is that right?
But just to confirm…even if this port is shown as closed there is no way that
my computer is compromised as COMODO is protecting it anyway. So do I even need to worry about this?
Thanks again for quick response

Generally you connect to the routers IP address and log in.

On a Netgear router, you set this up in “Block Services”, but on a Zyxel router, the same thing is set up in “Firewall”. Exactly how it’s worded on a Corega router is anybody’s guess. You’re looking to set up a BLOCK or DENY rule where ANY is the SOURCE IP and port 113 (TCP-IDENT, also known as AUTH) is the destination port.

You’re going to have to go through whatever documentation cam with your router, cause I’ve had another search for English docs but still can’t find any.

My personal opinion? I think you’re quite safe if your router is reporting all ports (except 113) as stealthed and port 113 as closed.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

don’t worry, the port on the router is CLOSED, isn’t it ?
and then you have Comodo IF someone should manage to sneak into the closed port on the router …

it seems like you read the info at grc on port 113 and routers…
so there IS actually a remotely valid reason for routers not to stealth port 113 by default .
for those who want the details :