Stealth Ports Feature (still) Doesn't Show Status

I was very glad when Comodo Firewall got a new interface because I was sure that the oversight involving the stealth ports setting would be addressed. There was no visual feedback at all when you clicked one of the options, and not knowing if the setting “took” or if it was still active when you rebooted caused a lot of needless uncertainty and a little concern. A malicious hack changing the setting could not be detected.

Unfortunately, the new interface has the same problem even though it was completely redesigned graphically! It’s hard to believe that during the redesign, no one noticed that the page was lacking all feedback. All other settings give immediate feedback (usually by generating a checkmark in a box), and can be easily verified after reboot by going back to the same place.

I’ve been told that if you dig 4 pages deep into the global settings page that you can see the difference in that one of the settings is blocked if your ports are stealth and open if they are only on alert, but that is ridiculously cumbersome and a little hard to remember. :frowning:

Please, Comodo, make a small change in the graphics so that the chosen stealth port option shows as a different color or some other visual change, and stays that way as long as it is active.

Under the 5.x versions of CIS there is a confirmation dialogue, after you change configuration. Granted it’s not very informative. However, this appears to have disappeared in version 6. I also agree that some sort of indicator of the current mode would be helpful.

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Yes definitely!

I’m always clicking the button because there’s no sign that it’s activated and I worry it might have deactivated itself for some random reason of its own.

Especially if we can have such an indicator on the widget and systray context menu!