stealth mode in LAN network

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I want to know how can I become invisible in lan network (eg. computer can not see my computer or file sharing like what we do in Zone Alarm) with COMODO?


GUI->firewall->stealth ports wizard->“alert me to incoming connections…”.
This should help.

Hi, I did above command, but unfortunately when I chose it, the finish bottom key is just ON and next key is OFF. so I can not configure!! what should I do ?


Press finish and it is done.

although I did it, but another computer can see me on lan network yet . (when they search me on network) what should I do to become invisible in office lan network ?

Try the following: delete all global rules, then run GUI->firewall->stealth ports wizard->“block all incoming…”. Although in this case you won’t be able to connect to your LAN… i guess.

thank you, but they can see the name of my computer but can not enter to my PC. is there any solution that they can not see name of my PC and my computer be invisible ?

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Interesting. Is your computer visible from LAN while firewall is in block all mode?

Yes, I go to stealth port wizard and block all income connection. (did I do true for block all mode?) nobody can not access ,y share folder but my computer is visible ! on the other hand, my computer is visible yet but nobody can not open my share folders. is there any way to solve this porblem and hide my PC?

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I mean rightclick on icon in tray->firewall->block all mode.

I guess no if in block all mode your computer is visible. So check block all mode first.

when I put firewall on block all mode, I could not connect to LAN and internet as well. :frowning:

I know. I asked with purpose to find out if your computer was visible or not in the LAN in that mode.
To be able to connect again, set firewall to custom policy mode and:

Hi nimaoy,i am behind a router on a LAN and the other computers cant see me.If you open firewall/my network zones to see what is there just remove all except for the loopback zone IP in
On your next boot up you will get the comodo has found a new network zone window.Just close this window and the LAN should not see you.

I am no expert but this is worth a try

Nice 1 Matty

Hi Dear Friends, I want to know how can I hide and stealth my PC in office LAN network (like what I did before in zonealarm before). actualy I want to hide my PC, for other computer can not find and acess to my share folder when they search PC on the office LAN network.



If you are the administrator of your office LAN, then you should be able to nut this out for yourself.

If you are NOT the adminstrator of your office LAN, then it would be inappropriate for anyone from this forum to tell you how to sidestep the internal policies of your LAN. I can’t think of any justifiable reason to “hide” on an office LAN, unless you are doing security work and want to remain undetected and if you are doing security work, you’ll figure it out.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. It can be done. :wink:

Hi nimaoy

I think that a question like this should be directed to your office administrator, or at least to whoever installed the firewall on your office machine. For us to give out information like this may be against your office policy and we cannot be responsible for doing that.