Stealing focus from active windows


I’m running Windows 7 Prof. Even as I type this the cursor goes ‘elsewhere’. By starting a clean boot and narrowing down the programs starting, with great pain I narrowed down to Comodo Backup. I love this backup program but this drives me crazy and stops screen savers from running.

Has anyone else seen this. Is there a fix for it.



We need a little more information to help us determine the cause of this and to see if there is a pattern for this:

Are you running any backups while the focus is being stolen?
Is this happening with a constant frequency (such as every X minutes/seconds)?
Do you have any schedules that might be running while this is happening?
Do you also have Comodo Cloud installed?


  1. No
  2. yes, maybe every 30 seconds… hard to say
  3. Not that I’m aware of
  4. Yes…The way I fixed the problem was to change my password so it could not log in when my PC booted and I just click on cancel… if I don’t login the problem goes away.


When writing in an active window I have problems with that Comodo Firewall popup alerts are stealing focus so that I am interrupted writing. I have to click in the application window to be able to continue.

Is there a way one can set Comodo firewall to not steal focus when working in an active application window?

I don’t mind the popups, because that’s why I am using Comodo Firewall. But when I am into writing some stuff it would be nice to not be “sabotaged” when I am focusing on not to forget a line.

I am using version 6.