Status update regarding solutions for outage and delay problems

Dear all,

We would like to apologize once again to anyone that has experience recent outages or delays in email delivery.

The ASG engineering team have made extensive progress on resolving recent problems and would like to be transparent about the issues that we have experienced.

  1. A full rebuild of a damaged part of the ASG infrastructure has been completed and a malfunctioning processing node has been fully restored to operational status. All email processing should now be working as expected, please contact support if you are experiencing any delays.

  2. Extensive work has been completed on optimizing report query and elastic search performance. Final optimizations are being tested for QA and will be released to production systems on March 28th. Until that time, reporting will unfortunately be disabled to prevent outages due to heavy load.

  3. A project to extend our high availability systems and architecture has been implemented to greatly improve future uptime and availability in the event of similar incidents. This project will take some time to complete and we will provide regular updates on progress.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation

Kind regards,