Status of Comodo Backup and cCloud


What is the current status of Comodo Backup and cCloud? The last time I used cCloud, it was horribly slow transferring files and would crash Windows Explorer on every startup on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. I have noticed that on the cCloud login page, you can’t create a new user sign in right now. I placed a support ticket about this over a month ago and have not had a response, and there is no support from anyone at Comodo on the forum sections for these products.

If they are abandoned then fine, but please let users and potential new users know. Besides, Comodo Compete still advertises itself as coming with 50Gb of online storage space. I would hate for a new user to buy Compete due in part to having the online backup included, only to see that Backup has been quietly abandoned, especially considering the price increase of Complete a year or two ago.

So, is cCloud and Backup active within Comodo’s universe, or have they slid quietly into a black hole?


I guess that there has been no announcement of anything about Backup and cCloud.

I would hope that someone from Comodo or @Melih could answer this.

In Regards to the development of Comodo Back Up, Last Public statement was that development was on hold.

Some users are still using CBU, and have zero issues with it. Other users are having some issues, including the events you are noticing.

It will not be discontinued, as many users are using it error free. (At Least Not In The Near Future)

I will ask a Dev or Comodo Employee to give an update.


Thank you Jacob for checking on this. I hope to hear something positive from Comodo.

I did get a response from Melih, He stated that in fact it is on ‘Hold’ and No New Accounts are being created. However, They do plan on continuing the development in the future.


That is good news. I am glad to hear that development will continue in the future. Hopefully in the near future.

In the meantime, would it be best to have some sort of notice on the cCloud login webpage, so that potential new users will be aware of this? As it is now, the Sign In link could seem to be broken, which will not inspire confidence in the company.

You and I both agree that there should be a notice somewhere posted on the site, or on the forums at the very least.
That is Melih’s decision to drop a product like the way they did. Not Mine nor yours. (Which it is a negative reflection on how they handle their products and users). Also a negative impact on creating ‘Trust’ Online too.

I am only a Comodo User, not a employee.