Static IP configuration resets to Dynamic


I have Windows XP Professional x64

I have a home network with several computers. Being computer geek i like that my apps have no problems with NAT, so i have configured my PC to have static IP, just outside the pool and i have set that specific IP to be as DMZ in router. DNS is also configured manually.

This setup has always worked fine… til i installed comodo.

Now, the static IP setup is not being retained anymore. If i check the Network Connections->adapter->properties->tcp/ip… it is set to “obtain IP address automatically”. If i manually fill in the details, set it to static… and press OK… it gets applied… but when property window closes and i press properties to see it again… it has reset back to “obtain automatically”. The settings i configured will work til next reboot, after which it will query DHCP.

I say again: it has only started acting this way after i installed COMODO Firewall.
The workaround would be to include that IP in the pool and configure DHCP to assign the same IP each time… but it’s a workaround, not a cause.

Any ideas as of cause of this issue?