Startup program stopped working

I installed version a few days ago. Overall it seemed to be OK although at the suggestion of a poster I turned down the Defense+ setting from PC Clean to Learning in order to get rid of the popup messages (primarily about explorer.exe).

Today, however, upon boot up a startup program, ERUNT, which copies the registry failed to start. I checked and it is included in the All Application group which is set for trusted as it always was. The Defense+ setting reverted to PC Clean by itself.

Can anyone suggest what to do to get ERUNT to work again?

I found the problem. Yesterday I checked “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed.” It did not occur to me that the startup process would be an unknown request. Unchecking this option solved the problem. Obviously I don’t understand the options.

Here is the Help File explanation of this:

Block all unknown requests if the application is closed - Checking this box will block all unknown requests (those not included in your Computer Security Policy) if Comodo Firewall Pro is not running/has been shut down.


Thanks Jasper. Frankly, I never thought that a Startup Menu program was an “unknown request” I guess I don’t know what that is when not connected to the internet and the operation is user specified. Gotta learn computerese. In any case, things seem to be working OK again.