Startup game -> pc crash


at first I’d like to say this is really one of the best anti-virus + Firewall I know, but im having a problem when im trying to run a game.

The game is called Lineage 2, and also has a sort of security system called GameGuard, which I think is the causer of the problem:

When I run the game, it loads for a while and then my pc crashes and reboots

Even with COMODO fully disable or shutdown, and added all files of the game to exceptions, this error still occurs. When COMODO is uninstalled, the game runs normally as it should.

I was wondering if you know what the cause of the problem is and how to solve it, cause I really want to use COMODO but I got to uninstall it now because I also want to play this game…

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


I have exactly the same problem with lineage 2.
Win XP + SP3

You may want to check this topic: . There are some known issues with Game Guard. Please post your findings there too. The topic is in the bugs board and that’s where the devs will look.