Startpage Metasearch

This is an awesome metasearch site (metasearch means it gathers search results from more than one search engine) that has ENHANCED PRIVACY. It doesn’t not log what you search for, it doesn’t log your IP etc more info here:

Also, you can change settings for it without an account, which allows options like always using a secure SSL connection when you surf the web. Just make sure you don’t delete the startpage cookies, since that’s how your preferences are saved. I simply added the startpage cookies (there are 2 of them: and to my ccleaner exclude list.

And, before you ask how good it is as a search engine… it is a metasearch engine, and uses google as one of the engines :wink:

Beanie :slight_smile:

i like google better 88)
here’s the result of keyword “chicken ninja”

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telusuri ??? (search ?)


it’s google indonesia. what do you expect? swedish google? 88)
not to mention: you’re !ot!
pfftt >:(

Well I suppose ‘chicken ninja’ is a typical search entry… 88)

Anyway, I like it, since I do more checking of individual sites than I do general browsing.

there’s nothing typical about your search engine 88)

That’s odd. Startpage is Ixquick using a different URL, but still registered to one of the people behind Ixquick.