startmenu prob

someone posted about this but now i cant find that post. when clicked on start and point to all programs nothing happens for few secs to a min and then it opens. has this prob got solved coz its still there in my system. an update will solve this issue or reinstall with new setup file.

winxp sp3 32 bit
only full CIS realtime protection with default


they have fixed this issue or not. this was going to be fixed on monday with an update and new download setup. its tuesday and the prob is still there. any info??


Nothing yet. I think they thought they had fixed it perhaps, but had not!

Edit: actually what they had fixed was the Avira conflict - my misunderstanding, sorry!


thanxx for the info buddy. was looking for it.

Hi Guys,

I’m having this same problem it does seem to take a long time to recover :(, have to use the windows task manager to shut down or reboot either actions resolve it. It is not a permanent condition seems to occur after I have done an AV Scan and/or checked emails. I am not exactly sure what activity it is that precedes this, the start menu programs to become inaccessible apparently randomly and is difficult to pin down :-.

XPpro SP2 plus additional updates 32bit system

AthlonXP 4200x2 64bit

2GB Ram

All the best, Rick

what version of cis do you have ? This bug is fixed since v 4.1.15349.920 O0

Hi cvsa
Just realised there was another release (they come so quickly these days :)) so now I am up to CIS4 Rev 920 as of today, so I’ll wait and see how it goes as I don’t really know exactly what activity was causing it, seemed at times to be almost at random. But hopefully cured, not a big problem but a bit of a nag.

All the best, Rick