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thanks for the help yesterday everyone on my network monitor topic…everything is running great…couple of normal questions…does cmf use much memory running or in the background(how do i check??)and should it start up with windows when i turn on computer or is it required?..i only have 10 start-ups…after going to msconfig and only checking the ones that are necessary and required…any help would be appreciated ;D :smiley: (L)

I think CPF (with LaunchPad) uses about 40+ MB when running in the background. If you open task manager you should see its memory useage (look for cpf.exe, cmdagent.exe and CLPTray.exe).

Note: cpf.exe and cmdagent.exe are the firewall processes. CLPTray.exe is for LaunchPad.

Comodo are working on reducing resource useage for all applications in future updates :wink:

CPF should start up with Windows and you will see the LaunchPad icon in the system tray. In msconfig you should see two comodo entries (one for CPF and the other for LaunchPad).
Although, if you mean should you see the application open on screen at startup you can turn this off (if desired) by going to security tab>>click advanced tab>>then uncheck the box next to ‘show application window on system start up’

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thanks…i unchecked it…the less i have at start up the better…it should’nt be a security issue should it…i have my retail spy sweeper start up and then i enabled ad-watch(ad-aware se plus…and then full version ewido(great program)…have to go to work…well be back on later…thanks mike6688

No. CPF will work happily in the background protecting you. :slight_smile:

thanks mike6688

Your welcome. :wink:



Being somewhat ■■■■ I like to run my system as lean and mean as I can.

This said, I got to wondering if the CPF tray icon is really needed for CPF to do it’s thing. So I ended CLPTray.exe via Task Manager. btw… Why is the EXIT grayed out when you right click the icon?

CPF seems to still protect without the tray icon. However when I need to change some option or just to look at things and I fire it up again via a desktop shortcut the tray icon comes back and the EXIT option is still grayed out.

What I would personally like is to remove the tray icon from my startup list. Then when I need to fire it up for some reason it will either remove itself completely when I exit the menu or at the very least the EXIT option will be usable so I can end it easily instead of using Task Manager.

Thanks for listening.


Comodo are looking into the option of having users to decide whether they want LaunchPad or not at startup. You can run CPF without LaunchPad ticked in the startup, but you won’t get the tray icon.

The reason the exit button is greyed out is because the applications are running. If you exit each application then the exit button on LaunchPad should no longer be greyed out and will become active.

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Thanks for the reply.

I see now that when I end the firewall the EXIT does becomes available.

However it really makes no sense to have it grayed out at all. All EXIT does is end the launchpad, right? All the apps will still be running. If you need to control them then just fire up the LP again.

All I’m trying to do is have one less thing running. Seems like every vendor has all kinds of things running whether you need them or not these days. Like I said I am ■■■■. :slight_smile:

The idea is that LaunchPad currently controls how each application is launched which is why it can’t be shutdown while an app. is active. However, the apps. still function as normal if you disable LaunchPad at startup.


PS. welcome to Comodo

Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:

Now bear with me for a moment. You say the LP is needed for the apps to function. In my case the only app I use is CPF. If I go into the XP Task Manager and kill CPFTray.EXE the tray icon goes away and CPF is still fully functional.

So at least with CPF ending the tray icon keeps protection intact but of course you have nothing to control it with anymore. That’s where starting it via a shortcut comes in handy.

So in my case I would like to be able to NOT startup LP, which can already be done by removing it from the startup list (btw… will CPF just add it back again? Some apps do this sort of thing).

So at this point I have no tray icon running but all protection is in affect. So let’s assume I need to see something about CPF or do something with it. At this point I can just run the LP as a shortcut. Back comes the tray icon and now I can ‘do stuff’.

OK… so now I am done and I want to get rid of the tray icon again. Well… there is no way within CPF to do this. The EXIT is grayed out. So… I have to kill the process using Task Manager again.

Get my drift. It would be nice to have some option on the tray icon to close it. At least if you only have CPF like I do. I don’t know how the other apps would react without a LP.

If you disable LP CPF won’t put it back again, but as you said you will need to start the CPF from a shortcut.

Comodo are going to change LP so that it is optionally installed as opposed to mandatory as it is currently.


There is another problem with the launchpad icon. In Windows 2000 Pro, I have found that it forces refreshes of the taskbar at intervals of one or two seconds or so. This causes a problem while running full screen applications. For example, if I am running a full screen visualization with a music player, with the taskbar in “autohide” mode and always on top, the launchpad icon will force these refreshes and cause the top row of the taskbar to flash briefly on top of the visualization. This is very annoying. I’ve confirmed that the launchpad icon is the culprit as the problem disappears when this icon is removed. For those that choose to display this icon, can this be fixed?

Also, I have this question: If the CLPTray.exe is not running, will Comodo Personal Firewall still produce alerts when a new parent application/component invokes another application/component (of course, if “skip parent” is not active)?

Thanks for the help.