Start Up Manager

  1. I know there are several Start Up Managers out there, but is there one that can control what loads before other programs ?

I noticed that sometimes that CIS7 might take 8 to 20 seconds to load. Other programs may be able to load before it. I did notice several times Secunia loaded before CIS7.

I just want the Firewall and Antivirus to load after the OS and before any other program and before the internet connection is made.

  1. Wondered if any one else noticed this problem ? This month after the monthly Windows Update and reboot, Comodo Anti Virus was turned OFF and I had to manually turn it back on ?

  2. Finally has any one had experience with software called Coova ?
    It is used as one of the security features at my local library and you need to accept before you can login.
    I turned off the notification for Trust Connect, (it never showed popup for Coova), but after that quite often (not always) I could not connect to even show Coova. I turned on the notification for Trust Connect and no problems since.

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WinPatrol can do this.

Hi Spainach_12

Sorry for the delay responding !
Have not found what I was looking for. WinPatrol does monitor the startup programs
But I was looking for a program from which I can conrol which program launches before another.

Back in the 90’s when ram was not as plentiful as todayand programmers had less hard drive space available, Apple discovered that when certain programs launched in a Mac before certain others, a crash might occur or would occur more often, depending in what order the software started up.

I was looking for a StartUp program for Windows that would allow me to do that.
I would like to be able to launch my firewall and anti virus after the OS starts (in my case CIS7) and before the PC connects to the Internet. And before any other program starts up including other Windows programs such as Media Player etc.

Several times it has looked as if Secunia PSI has loaded before CIS7 ?

I did find one program that came close but did not allow me to change in which order the software is started The Utility is called AutoRuns

This utility, which has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations amongst all the startup managers, shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup, and login shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them


Is this any good?

Let me quote from

WinPatrol PLUS is an investment where you can't lose!
  • One Time fee includes for ALL future WinPatrol versions.
  • No Hidden or Reoccurring Subscription Fees.
  • Keep a personal notes on files listed by WinPatrol
  • WinPatrol keeps track of the data & time files were first detected
  • Remove unwanted toolbars
    * Delay the startup time for quicker boot time
  • Share information on files with other WinPatrol users
  • Kill multiple tasks with a single click
    * Disable reoccurring autorun programs

Increase delay for which program you’d like to run last. I prefer winpatrol because of the extras. saves me lots of time and headaches. It’s one of those few that’s really worth every buck. It just works. But hey, you’re call. :slight_smile:

Paid but worth the price for the pro version.

Hi UncleDoug

In addition to the above replies

If you want to analyse startups and timings you can use Process Monitor.
Have a look at Options > Enable Boot Logging

Then there is Soluto
I posted MajorGeeks link since Soluto site changed & I don’t have time at the moment to find their own link (if it still exists)

Anyway, here is a good review Analyze Windows Startup Time With Soluto - gHacks Tech News

The other one that came to mind is Startup Delayer.
I did use older version of this program in the past and can tell that it worked perfectly and you indeed “can control… program launches” by managing delays the way you like

Added*** which actually answers (I hope) the question

… Sorry Dumper1, missed that you’ve already mentioned the Software


Actually the OP asked for a way to control the application boot order. Soluto can only enable and disable items. Startup Delayer is an option also with a paid edition.

I used free version of Startup Delayer. Here is a Comparison Table

So that still should work unpaid (let’s hope 88) )

Honestly I never worked with Soluto personally, but I know some my friends did stating that it has “delay” feature as well, in addition to “pause” (remove from sequence) which in combination basically provides a “boot order”. Furthermore that’s written in reviews on number of download sites.

Meanwhile, I found that “missing link” from Soluto How to speed up PC boot time

… makes it simple to remove unnecessary start up programs from boot, or delay apps so they start up after boot…

Despite the delay is mentioned, compare to what you posted, the “after boot” part is indeed very questionable though, because with Startup Delayer you can set any time so to speak - “during a boot” , but not just “after” (?) whatever that suppose to mean

Anyways, it is a matter of testing by OP

… but I would in any case recommend Process Monitor for analysis and Startup Delayer for the same plus final actions if needed

aside note: Words in quotes below are for some fun – kinda synonyms aren’t they? :slight_smile:

So, the last two highlighted words above the aside note were not typed just “because”, but “for the reason”, which is - mainly you do not ever need such Software “since” as soon as one analyses properly (stressing) what is going on with Autoruns/Process Monitor/Black Viper advices re:services during Boot up of any given PC you would use only what is indeed essential. Period! Full stop!

I really do not want to go !ot! here regarding the matter, but as a lil hint for making it a bit intriguing…


Secunia & its services (I may think Agent & Update) during boot up? Why ???
Good Software actually. I use it sometimes too, but it must be used with an extreme caution. Therefore, why it’s on boot?! Sorry. I must stop !ot! :smiley: