Start browser in sandbox from link

I like the V6 sandbox option and have a question.

Is it possible to always start a browser from clicking a link in for example my email or a document… so that if it is a link to a viral website it can’t download, do harm or install on a computer.

Hi Eljo,

I was wondering the same and it is possible, but you have to hack the registry manually to change this behavior.
There are settings in the systems registry that have a ‘command’ when an application calls for ‘http’ or ‘https’ for example.

I managed to get this working but then Firefox in my case default browser started to complain that it was no longer the default browser.
Which it is, but the command to start it has been changed to start it sandboxed.

I have changed a few to many so I’m now trying to narrow it down to the correct key(s), I’ll be back.

This seems to be the minimum changes needed when running default Firefox browser.

The yellow marker is the ‘default’ value for these key’s.

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