Stardock Windowblinds V6 & Comodo Firewall V3

Comodo V3 ( all editions from beta up to has been crashing anytime I try to update or change settings (comodo works fine if I dont alter settings or update). Eventually I’ve figured it out. Stardock Windowblinds Version 6 is causing the crashing. If it’s turned off comodo works perfectly. Turn windowblinds back on and it’ll crash when doing what I said above. Just to let people know this is what happens to me. Let me know if others have the same issue.

Windows XP Pro sp2
Intel 2ghz core 2 duo
Intel 945gm Graphics card
2gb 667mhz ram

actually, i don’t… also running wb v6, and 13.268 build

that said, i have an actual 3d accellerator card in my pc, rather than an on-board solution… which might help