Starcraft fixed in CIS?

Hey, I was just wondering if the issue, perhaps just for me, for loading Starcraft has been fixed? The problem for me is I would load up Starcraft and it would just give me a gray screen until I turned it off manually.

I was just wondering if this has been fixed, or if it is something to do with my computer. I had to add the files manually to defense +'s safe files for it to work properly.

Hi, do you game on Bnet? If so, we should game some time!

I only find an issue with Starcraft and Comodo when trying to log in to Bnet. Unfortunately, Defense+ will freeze your screen for a few minutes when trying to log in to Bnet. However, this is easily solved by opening Starcraft with Defense+ set to “Training Mode”. Other pop-ups will come up from the Firewall when Starcraft tries to connect to the internet, so just allow these (or you can just change your Firewall setting to Training Mode too and switch it back after). You can then change Defense+ back to “Clean PC Mode” or whatever level you want. Now try to log in to Bnet again - no problems anymore!

I play starcraft as well… :wink:

Too bad I can’t remember my new nick! :smiley: