Starbucks Komodo Coffee

Thought this was kind of funny. Never heard of Komodo Coffee. See Attachment. ;D

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Recipe for great (Comodo) coffee:
Use cold, [u]filtered[/u] water and a [u]clean machine[/u].
Grind [u]beans[/u] (JAVA) just before brewing: lol  :D,default,pd.html

There is a big huge lizzard called Komodo Dragon living on various islands of Indonesia: Komodo dragon - Wikipedia .

Yes very familiar with it. This lizard has a deadly poisonous bite and was in the latest James Bond movie Skyfall.

Also in the game Far Cry 3… god ■■■■ I hate those things, I’m just going about minding my own business and perhaps shooting some pirates and ALL OF A SUDDEN a freaking Komodo Dragon runs out and bites my leg and then another one comes and then I’m running for my life since I’m out of bullets and on low health, but they’re god ■■■■ quick and get the final chomp… and then I re-spawn…

wonders how it will taste like with EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) ;D

How’s the taste with D+ in Paranoid?


They even Have a Komodo National Park to protect this deadly species.

This coffee may be be Starbucks all time favorite according to 7 5 pages of reviews on their website.