Star Citizen 3.12 'false/positive'


thursday a new patch for Star Citizen came out.
Since then, it seems there are huge problems with Comodo and the game. (also some other AV software are causing trouble).

Since this day several ppl and I are trying to find out, whats going on. Many things got tried (Tell me if u want to know what things have been tried)

Came to the conclusion, that Comodo somehow removes a temporarily created file from the game folder, named: ‘loginData.json’. This file is created by the game-launcher to give login information to the game.
Since it got deleted everytime, there’s no way to run the game without deinstalling Comodo (game crashes).

Made exclusions inside Comodo for the game everywhere I could (Auto-Containment, AV and FW) and it still removes the file without saying, that is does.

If it was possible to fix this, this would be really good.

Inside issue control from Star Citizen, there are 5 threads to this problem, with more than 100 ppl reporting. Many of them are using Comodo. Everything is tried. Another new thread on reddit too.
If someone want the links, tell me.


Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at


Sure. Will do now.

I just opend the ‘loginData.json’-file with editor to change my username into ‘user’

And, as I said, the file gets deleted but Comodo is not telling you, that is has been doing this.
We only know for sure because the game runs, if u deinstall Comodo.

Tul Duru

EDIT: Just submitted.

EDIT2: was not seen as a problem. BUT…SC threw out a new little patch and the problem is solved now!