Standalone installation problem - script required cpan

I have a problem with a fresh installation on Centos 6 without cPanel. When I run there is no option 2 for a standalone installation as described in the manual. The installation stops at the point “CPAN is not configured”.


  1. How to install it on a system without cPanel?
  2. Do I really need running the script for a standalone install? Would it be enough just to add the cwaf rules directory to mod_sec configuration?


Hello! Thanks for use our product.
Installation process
wget --no-check-certificate

Then run the next command:


You should get the next message:
|31-07-2014 04:43:33 Starting the installation
│ 31-07-2014 04:43:35 ----------------Checking Apache-----------------------
│ 31-07-2014 04:43:35 Found APACHE version 2.4.4
│ 31-07-2014 04:43:36 Found MODSECURITY version 2.7.7
│ 31-07-2014 04:43:36 ---------------Checking LiteSpeed---------------------
│ 31-07-2014 04:43:36 LiteSpeed binary /usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd not found!
│ 31-07-2014 04:44:08 -----------------Checking Nginx-----------------------
│ 31-07-2014 04:44:08 Nginx binary /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx not found!
│ 31-07-2014 04:44:09 ------------------------------------------------------
| 31-07-2014 04:44:09 No suitable LiteSpeed/Nginx web servers found.
│ 31-07-2014 04:44:09 Assigning WEB Platform: Apache
│ 31-07-2014 04:44:09 Using PERL /usr/bin/perl
│ 31-07-2014 04:44:09 Using CPAN /usr/bin/cpan

As cpan on your server is not configure, please run


After that you’ll see cpan-shell:
cpan shell – CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.9402)
Enter ‘h’ for help.

In this shell you should run next commands:

cpan[1]> o conf init
cpan[2]> o conf commit
cpan[3]> q

However, you can just add "Include /<path_to_rules>/rules/*.conf to your mod_security.conf.
We support mod_security versions 2.7.5 and higher.