Standalone HIPS

A standalone HIPS programs…

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Well i just got the same idea. A standalone version of Defense+ (without any antivirus or firewall component). Just HIPS.

Yes! That is a good idea. Two Firewalls should be exist. An internet firewall and a system firewall.

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I agree on two firewalls. some bad nasties like to phone home and it would be nice to have strict control as well as a well defined , easy rule set to use. a network monitor type like IRIS or RETNA, GFI langard would be nice to protect from WI-FI attack as well.(wardriving of nieghber attacks) Packet sniffers, eterial, wincap, wire shark, airsnort, ect. There are too many programs out to try and crack wireless security and routers. Stop them from turning your computer into a zombie for use in massive attacks without your knowing it. Block the computers and a server if you have one at home then let your ISP deal with the attack. logs on your router would be nice for ferensic tracing and MAC id, header and Packet capture - sniffing- brute force and passive as well.
It is alot but it would help out home users and really cut down on zombie attacks from home computers such as DDOS. Spell check would be nice! (:AGL) Portable as well - sigh-