Stand-by and Hibernation

I still use AOL still from time to time which has 4 exes and removed the rules to start over rather than modifying them. When I found out I could no longer get online with AOL, I uninstalled CFP.

Since that time, I found stand-by and hibernation works again although they didn’t with CFP.

Anyone else have this problem? :THNK

I suppose it could have also been BOClean, since I couldn’t stop it from notifying me that there’s been a change to my system upon reboot after several reboots I uninstalled that too.


Hi Hikertrtash - the problem with BOC is due to a program that is on its Excluder list changing. BOC detects a new checksum for the new program and issues an alert. To fix that, open the Excluder window and remove the file(s) (Remove item) that have changed and then open the File Explorer and add the new files back onto the Excluder again.

About the stand-by and hibernation problem, I only use the sleep option, but that works fine for me.

As for AOL’s exe’s, you could probably just add them to CFP’s My Own Safe Files list, but you may need to find out what connections AOL tries to make with your computer and allow them. This may not be needed depending on how AOL tries to make its connections.