sslanalyzer dead?

Was this lost when Comodo became Sectigo? Is it an oversight or was it done intentionally?

The link

no longer works.

I’m assuming that this is because of the Comodo to Sectigo name change. Perhaps it’s at a different link now? Or perhaps it was discontinued? Or perhaps somebody forgot about this and it hasn’t been missed.

No, it happened later. In April, there was still a link to it (“Certificate Analyzer”) on Sectigo’s support page, as can be seen in this archived version of it:

Now it is gone: Support | Sectigo® Official

You can use this service instead: SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

Well, the sslanalyzer let you check other ports for other services.

Qualys system only checks web.

The sslanalyzer might not have been as thorough, but it was a lot faster and useful for quick check ups.

I just thought that maybe it got lost in the shuffle when Comodo became Sectigo.