SSL Site Seals that actually give info?

I am new to SSL Certificates but from my experience every one I have seen you either hover or click and it shows the validation credentials.

I just had my Positive SSL installed and the seals they gave are just images…that anyone could put on their website. How do I have the image link to actual proof of the SSL?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.


With the Positive SSL I don’t think you can link to anything due to the way it’s validated.

The SSL with the Corner of Trust would IMHO be the only way to achieve what you are asking.


PositiveSSL certificates do not come with any “validation credentials” (e.g. Company Name and or Website) on its logos as they’re just static images.

Site Seals with site details/company information come with InstantSSL and greater certificates (OV, EV), which you may see on

Does this help?