SSL certificate for intranet server

I have the following situration here. Hope someone can help me out.

We have a appliation server behind the router. Our router has a fixed public IP address. We also have an public web server. We are looking at connecting to the application server and securing the connecting using https. I have done this with server with FQDN but not for intranet server (192.168..). I am looking at forward https traffic to the router’s public address from the web server. My question is can I request\assign SSL certificate to this intranet server? I just thought that a proper SSL certificate will need an FQDN name and an valid IP address associated(resolvable). I checked with few SSL certificate vender and they don’t seem to support server without valid IP\FQDN.



You might want to read this first:

Then maybe contact Comodo sales to see what’s available for your situation: