SSL cert replace...

Hi all,

Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section. The company I work for purchased a Comodo wildcard cert which covers us for * This was installed onto several of our web servers which host various websites all ending with the domain name. Unfortunately it seems (as far as I can tell) that the previous web team didnt tick the box to allow the cert to be exportable with the private key.

I have now been asked to build a new box (W2K3 Server and IIS6) with a new website on, unfortunately I can install the downloadable cert from here but without the key its useless.

Do I need to use the “Replace” option on the Comodo login and request a new cert from our main web server, making sure the export option is ticked, so that I can then install this cert(with key) onto the new machine?

Will this render the other useless and will I need to reinstall on them all?

Any help would be appreciated.