ssl cert for ZTL

Does the subscription include a valid certificate?

good idea…
it doesn’t
but if you buy ZTL let me know, we’ll make sure throw one in for you :slight_smile:


Would that be one verifyable by your certificate authority or more like a self signed cert that I can do at home?

If it’s the real thing, then that adds significant value to a $99 per year product.

When did you ever see Comodo not giving its users/customers no value!!! :slight_smile:

Of course it would be a full product :slight_smile:


Quite the contrary. I have seen significant value from the Trustix distribution. Other than a few issues when swup was affected by changes to the update targets, I have enjoyed the work very much. I maintain several client boxes with various distributions and always reccommend Trustix for new installations because of ease of deployment. I don’t have to spend time turning off services or swapping discs like I do with RedHat and I don’t have to tinker so much like with Gentoo.