Sriptable Tools To Remove Stubborn Malware

Hello… I have a idea about Script Removal Tool (work with kernel-level Windows driver) or Drag Down Menu Tool for remove any stubborn Services/Drivers, File, Folder, or maybe Registry that are in-use or locked by malware.

So, with this tool, w don’t need to scan anymore. We already know what to do dan we just want to delete it. This tool can compensate Comodo Cleaning Essential in Zero day Malware.

Another tool like this: BlitzBlank or The Avenger. The Avenger is discontinued (also Not support 64 bit) and Blitblank cannot produce a accurate (we don’t know success or fail) log Report after doing it’s job.

So, I hope Comodo can create a tool like this. Can create a complete log like The Avenger and can support 32 and 64 bit and compatible start to Windows XP untill Windows 10.

Then, Malware Fighter can use this tool to help Malware issue on varuious Security Forum.

Thank You…