SQLite_readonly error ( beta)

I get this error when I log onto a non-administrator account with power user privlidges.
Running the latest CPFv3 BETA on Windows Vista Ultimate Edition .

Here is the screen shot it is too difficult to make sense of it.

And to make matters worse Windows Event logs aren’t working on my system so I can’t check them.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I very rarely use administrator account only once a month for windows update.
In the limited account I kept getting this error message every time I blocked a program from running also nothing in the logs.
On using the administrator account for update yesterday I had no error message and the logging was working for defense and firewall so it appears for me that I have to use administrator account for the logs to work.
Windows XP SP2

i’ve been getting that error report screen too. although seems pretty random. only use one account on pc. could be a conflict with Advanced Windows Care pro when set on auto cleanup on idle. turned that prog off and not seen it for while. we’ll see