Would adding spywareblaster to my current setup be of any benefit or am i being over cautious? I have Avast 4.7, spywareterminator(no hips,clam av & haven’t immunized) Avg antispy,superantispy,boclean,comodo fw & ad adware se(thinking of ditching the latter) Stuart

Personally I think you have it covered there without adding any other programs. I would ditch Ad-Aware SE though but that is just my opinion.


Thanks! That’s what it’s all about opinions! In my opinion i don’t know what ad adware se does what the others haven’t already done.


I’d also ditch Spyware Terminator. AVG-AS is a very good AS (I don’t know about SAS, but’ve heard some good things about it.) What’s more, although Avast might not be the best AV on the market, it has quite a remarkable spyware detection.
Conclusion: Spywareblaster = redundant (IMHO).

i use spyware blaster along with Avast 4.7 home, Super Anti Spyware, Spybot Search & destroy Immunization only(never really liked the tea timer) and Ad aware se dont need it though and Comodo fireall and BOClean and for the past month i’ve had this set up i havent been infected at all. :slight_smile:

I would add SpywareBlaster.

  • SpywareBlaster doesn’t use resources. If you browse with IE it is recommanded that you use SpywareBlaster :slight_smile:

And I wouldn’t ditch Spyware Terminator as Grampa recommanded ( sorry m8 :wink: ).

  • AVG Anti-Spyware is very good as Grampa stated, but the free version only gives you real time protection during the trial period, and Spyware Terminator gives you that forever :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

SpywareBlaster is a great immunizer if you use IE. Prevention is always better than cleaning up after the fact!


Spywareblaster to immunize the system is this a better choice than spyware terminator’s immunize feature?

I don’t know, but you could use both :wink:
They don’t require any resources at all, so there’s no performance lost!


If u use IE, u should add Spywareblaster for better browsin’; its very light.

I guess ur AVGAS is free version so no real-time, then u can keep ST.
Avast,AVGAS being gud enuf, plus BOC, ST provide u decent detection rate.
Therefore I wont keep Adaware and SAS.
Adaware now finds nothing; SAS is slow in scanning (i used it half a year ago tho so not sure now how it is) and loathed w its splash screen.

Thanks! So SB is a better choice for immunizer than ST? AVG has no realtime ran out.

this thing i dun kno. but SB developement is stopped while ST is stil activ so i guess ST is better(?)
tho if u keep 2 then which 1 is better is not a matter of concern.

hold on now… Spyware Blaster isnt great for just Internet Explorer… It even secures firefox (not that it needs it)

ST vs SB?
i don’t know much, but i think Spyware Blaster doesn’t update its database regularly (one update about 3-4weeks?).
so maybe ST’s immunizer is better ???

actually i dun use SB as im Opera’s fan.
i dun kno dat SB also secure FF and stil update, even unregularly? (i thot it only for IE n stopped developement)

SpywareBlaster is more effective for IE because it blocks many harmful ActiveX programs, and adds many “bad” sites to the IE restricted zone. Firefox doesn’t utilize ActiveX, so this prevention doesn’t apply. However, SB will add many tracking/ ad cookies to the Firefox cookies Block list.

SB immunizer vs. ST immunizer? I couldn’t say as I use SAS Pro (free to me). I DO know that the SB and Spybot S&D immunizers work well together.


Spyware Terminator and Spywareblaster reside quite happily together and while there’s bound to be some crossover with the immunisation,both have unique items too.It certainly doesn’t hurt to use both products since prevention is always better than cure. (:WIN)

spyware blaster protects both (activeX & cookies for IE and cookies for firefox).
i think the stopped development you’re talking about is “spyware guard”. it’s an Antispyware, created by the company who made spywareblaster.

well i think spyware blaster is more effective on firefox because firefox itself is more secure then IE

And Opera is more secure than them both (:WIN)

Firefox is highly secure when add ons like noscript are installed.