Spyware Terminator reports Adware in COMODO?

I just scanned with Spyware Terminator and it found “Adware.MySearch.I.2” in file
C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\s1.tmp, saying it was Remaining Items of Adware. Is this a false positive?

Also, one more question. What is the best security level to set Comodo to - Training, Safe, Custom Policy, etc. Thanks!

Welcome to this forum jman4000 :slight_smile:

That one should be the Internet explorer search pluging bundled with Comodo.

Did you agree to install Comodo search IE plugin with Safesurf technology?
Did you run CFP updater before Spyware Terminator reported “Adware.MySearch.I.2”?

Training Mode is only used to make CFP learn all activities without triggering any alert.
Most users Enable training mode before launching DirectX games.

If you are learning how to use CFP you can start using Safe Mode and later decide which mode suits you better.

You should report it to ST’s developers that it’s a false positive


+1. I am doing that now :slight_smile:


Also, Read the stickies for info on SafeSurf Toolbar & CFP 3.