Spyware Terminator or Spybot S&D ?

What is better with CIS? (Windows 7 32 bit)

Spyware Terminator or Spybot S&D?

Spyware Terminator use the Database of F-Prot and not mor of ClamAv.


Spybot without Tea Timer/Real Time, but that’s just my opinion… then again, I don’t deem them worth using nowadays so have different set up. along side CIS. :slight_smile:

I prefer Spybot SD. It’s easier and trusted.

I’ve used both off & on. Today I wanted to try the new Spyware Terminator 2011. I installed it and went to Facebook to play a game, my whole computer froze. I had to manually turn off my power button. I uninstalled it immediately. I don’t seem to have any conflict running spybot with tea timer. Yes I am using defence + to. Buy the way the new antivirus in spyware terminator is not free like clam was, alot of features are not free any longer.

I too was going to try the new spyware terminator 2011 but now will give it a thought since most of the features are not free