Spyware terminator and CFP v3 (beta)

does anyone know if Spyware Terminator works well with CFP v3, or do the two HIPS components conflict? What’s more, I’d be interested in your opinions on Spyware Terminator. I’ve heard good things about it but also some bad user experiences. So feel free to share every piece of information on ST you can think of. Also, are there any known issues with BOClean and should you integrate ClamAV into ST if you run AntiVir as a real-time AV?
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I use it but can’t really vouch for its effectivity, fortunately it hasn’t been put to any test. Well when I just installed it countless popups from CFP (v2 not v3) started to appear, but they disappeared as soon as I disabled NetBios over TCP/IP at the suggestion of one helpful Comodo forums dweller (don’t ask me I have no idea).

But no ill experiences from me whatsoever. Dunno really about HIPS conflict but I reckon that as a rule of thumb you shouldn’t use two at a time --what need there is anyway, besides one is noisy enough. Same for resident AV, so disable Clam, anyway its detection is so-so. No problems with BOC at all.

Hey Japo,
thanks for the quick and enlightening reply.