spyware guard 2008

my windows security center keeps saying detected a unregistered version of this program and i never downloaded it
and whats worse is i cant delete it if i go to the start and control pannle then windows security center its not in there it says in there i have your anti virus program and that its fine… but there is an icon on my task bar saying i have to go buy spyware guard 2008 can ya help me please? (:SAD)

oops forgot the worst part lol my comodo icon has a red line thru it so when i clicked it says aplication agent is not running so i hit run diagnostic and it says was installed fine no problems found

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Name Is Jacob,

I understand you are infected with spyware guard 08
Please Download Superantispyware (Free) From Download SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

Update It

Then Do A Complete Scan

To Solve The Comodo Problem Please Uninstall Then Install It Back Again

Did this solve your issue


ok im running that right now and i did update it and i see in the updates it listed this virus woohooo also i went to the website for spy guard and found a contact us here so i emailed them and this is the responce…

Thanks for contacting us.
To remove the software from your computer you need to download and
install the following tool:
Thank you.

scoobywanabe@comcast.net wrote:

tonya, wrote:
my windowssecurity center keeps saying it has detected an unregistered version of spyware guard 2008 but i never had this program it may have been the people that had the pc b4 i did how do i uninstall it

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ill try your way first …im kinda scared to dl something from them my luck it makes it worse lol

tyvm for the fast responce …i do web design for a living and this sure makes it hard to make any money lol ty you guys rock!!

You must scan and delete that fake AS with SAS as said Jacob, or with Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

Bleeping Computer have full instructions for removal with Malwarebytes here:

It is in today’s list of Superantispyware definition updates also, so in case it missed it before it should get it now. :slight_smile:

Hi Jacob,
I found u guys while searching google for a solution to this same issue. However, it won’t even let me get on the internet to download this fix. It opens internet explorer but will not let me pull anything up. I have also uninstalled numerous times from control panel. It just immediately reinstalls itself. I have tried system restore but unfortunately the earliest restore point it is showing me doesn’t remove this. If you have any suggestions I would be most greatly appreciative!!

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If you have access to another computer you could download the installers to a USB storage and then transfer that to your machine to do the installations.